the divine strange magic of poetry

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This all started because I was hellbent on finding a new poetry collection to read. There is nothing quite as juicy, or enchanting, as sinking my teeth into a book of poems. Each line is a mystical little slice of glamour, or an invisible golden rope pulling me under the sea.

Reading (or writing) a poem is getting a spell cast on you and casting a spell in the same swift moment. It's a rush of excitement for the uncertainty and nostalgia in one fell swoop because poems make us see and feel seen.

I'm a Leo sun, a Pisces rising, and a Leo moon, so it's no surprise that I'm drawn to the power and nuance in language. Thinking about poetry, how it moves us, and calls for movement made me realize that it is in fact, a type of magic. Poetry is magic from within.

We can receive and give poems, just like any other spell. Poems can be written and practiced in private like solo witches, or shared in a group setting with our covens. And, anyone can write a poem anytime or anyplace. Just like spells.

What I love about poetry and spell casting is that it isn't a zero sum game in manifesting things you want. It's about spreading more positive energy and joy in the world for the highest good. It can be about receiving light and instilling a sense of protection.

Poetry spells can be about gratitude, dreams, wishes, good fortune, or even just rest. I think this world and its people can use more magic, and poetry is an open process for everyone. So, why not craft a small poem and unleash it into the universe? It's already in the universe, waiting for you to find it and set the enchanting cycle in motion.

For me personally, I use poetry spells for self-care and gratitude. But how you choose to create and share them (if at all), is your choice and yours alone. Essentially, poetry spells travel within the private and public spheres of life and it's up to you how to write and cast them. Isn't that wonderful?

It's mystical, powerful, small, and mighty all at once. Initiate yourself.

Enough of my chatter, here are some resources to get your poetry witching on. The first guide is written by me.

Feel free to modify it to suit your tastes:

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