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New & Old Favorites // Poketo Notebooks, Earring Jackets, Crystals, & Lotus Plants

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7:00 PM

Life isn't always about the glory of new things. Sure, I like shopping and the thrill of opening a new package like most of us. Lately, I've been craving ways to make use of all the lovely things I do have. And not mimic a reality tv hoarder. There are only three new goodies in this photo and the rest are in rotation.

Poketo notebooks // Can I just say that I love stationary? I'm a teacher, so I love the thrill of buying new school supplies each September. I gifted myself the Aloha Days planner for a new year and it's perfect for someone like me. There's no need for pages of blank weeks I missed because I'll only fill in the days I actually use. Not to mention, who doesn't want a notebook that tells you that you're awesome?

Lotus plant // My fiance gave me this gorgeous plant for Christmas from a little shop, Homecoming, in our neighborhood. I keep it on our bedroom window that fills some pretty glorious sunlight.

Bauble Bar Cairo Ear Jackets // I usually change up my jewelry quite often, but these earrings are definitely becoming part of my uniform. More often than not, I reach for them. I like how they a little art deco and a little bit punky.

Chloe Eau de Parfum // I have an obscene or substantial collection of make up samples that take me three days short of forever to get through. I finally started usually this light but sharp scent.

MAC Clear Lipglass // I've been wearing this since I was sixteen and I don't predict a change anytime soon.

Chromosphere Quartz Pendant // This gorge and witchy pendant has been in my wardrobe rotation for a year now. I don't think I'm going to ease up on my magical infused touches as of late.

FOTD // Subtle Brown Smokey Eye

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12:44 PM


Brand New Bag: Orange Alexander Wang Rockie Duffel

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11:11 AM
I used to not fancy myself much of a purse gal in the last few years, but that's slowly changed. The brass colored hardware and warm orange hue are swoon worthy.